Traditional Greek Feta Cheese
Traditional Greek Feta Cheese

Traditional Greek Feta Cheese

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Protected by the seal of origin, only Greek Feta may be called Feta. Made with a 70/30 blend of sheep/goat milk, and created using traditional farming and production methods, Yioryo feta is truly authentic. 

Farm & Process

  • Grass Fed & Open Pastured
  • No Antibiotics / No Hormones
  • Humanely raise in small herds
  • Very fresh, local milk supply
  • Matured in brine for 3 months

Nutritional Info

  • 70% Sheep Milk / 30% Goat Milk
  • All Natural / No Preservatives
  • Pasteurized Whole Milk
  • Lactose Free & Low Glycemic

Flavor and Favorite Uses

  • Firm and Fully Mature
  • Full-flavored & Creamy Texture
  • Slightly acidic with lingering aromatics
  • Perfect in a salads, paneer and fry it, or crumble it on fries. 

Ingredients: Sheep Milk, Goat Milk, Salt, Vegetarian Rennet and Culture.

Available in 6oz/170g retail packs with 13 pieces per case.

Find out why Greeks eat more cheese per capita than any other country in the world... It's the FETA!