Greek Square Penne Pasta

Greek Square Penne Pasta

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A penne worthy of presenting your favorite pasta recipes!

While exploring the Greek countryside for traditional feta and pure Greek olive oil, we stumbled upon this uniquely shaped penne which we knew would be exciting to Chefs in the states... serendipity at its finest.

Say goodbye to ordinary, it’s hip to be square!

ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water

shape: square penne cut on an angle for a unique presentation durability: holds up very well to baking, reheating and over-handling plating: won’t roll on the plate and rests easily on the fork

uses: perfect for meaty and chunky sauces, pasta salads and baked dishes

This unique square penne tastes great, presents with elegant style and can really take abuse in the kitchen. All at a great price point!

Available for Food Service in 10lb bags with 2 per case.